horizon (n.) 

late14c., orisoun, from O.Fr. orizon (14c.,Mod.Fr. horizon), earlier orizonte (13c.),from L. horizontem (nom. horizon),from Gk. horizon kyklos "bounding circle," from horizein "bound, limit, divide, separate," from horos "boundary." The h- was restored 17c. in imitation of Latin. 

Horizon: The Bounding Circle is a collaboration with the people in my social network. I explained in a facebook post online that I was creating a piece that was going to discuss landscape and the idea of interoperability. Interoperability refers to the ability of diverse systems and organizations to work together. I told them I wanted to combine all our online photos into one continuous horizon of our collective experiences. At the time I was in a class learning about the opportunities of interop and it was so interesting to see the response I got. People seemed pretty excited to share their images and join in. I said I was going to try to keep people out of the pictures and so they were even sending me links to their albums that would have the best landscape shots in them. Funnily enough, most of these were already titled “Summer.” I found that your ordinary person (who isn’t a photographer) doesn’t usually take too many photos of the landscapes in their neighborhood, but when everyone goes away on vacation in the summer they take pictures of the exciting foreign landscape they’re in.  What I wanted to communicate with this project is that those foreign landscapes aren’t separate from ours, and that our experience in this place is a shared one.

Thank you to everybody who participated! I loved working with your photos, they were all so great, thanks for sharing (and viewing!) 

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